EdgeWave’s EPIC advanced threat defense service has been busy during the month of May, blocking several opportunistic campaigns designed to entice users into clicking on a bad link, and infecting businesses large and small with an electronic disease that can cause real damage.

Dexter Davies, EPIC Supervisor, reports detecting a high volume of malicious email attempting to circumvent automated filtering.  One campaign offers a weight-loss program from our beloved and trusted Dr. Oz. The subject line plays on our insecurities, and emotional triggers often offset rational skepticism with these sorts of offers. Had recipients received the email, they’d have been exposed to a scam using a known name to sell them a bad product or to outright con them out of their money.


Another campaign appeared to be from a trusted source – Google. Davies said “It is typical in how generic it looks and with its ‘Review the attached document’ language.”  This is a screen shot of the official looking email:

Even if you have Acrobat, you might not be able to open the document, so you will be redirected and tricked into entering your valuable log in credentials.

Some hackers can be obvious with their grammatical errors and shady-looking messages. We are getting smarter about some bad emails: we hit delete before we open them and laugh at how lame some of them are. But these recently intercepted messages are more official-looking and illustrate hackers’ increased sophistication and literacy. Now messages are specifically designed to get around filters. That’s why human review is a crucial component in every security program.

EdgeWave EPIC advanced threat defense combination of human review with next generation artificial intelligence to prevent these types of messages from landing in anyone’s mailbox.   Because it only takes one human to click on a bad link.