MS_atIcons_x100In a blog post and several news articles, Google has spoken out about email encryption, specifically how they are doing it and what others are not.

Google states that their data shows that approximately 40 to 50 percent of emails sent between Gmail and other email providers aren’t encrypted.  For encryption to work properly, both sides (email providers) of an email exchange need to support it.

Google supports encryption in transit with Transport Layer Security (TLS), one of two security practices that is used withinEdgeWave ePrism for email encryption.  ePrism offers two types of email encryption, TLS and Park-and-Pull, so our customers receive comprehensive multi-layered protection and secure email delivery of all private messages leaving their network in the most efficient method possible.  ePrism first tries to send an encrypted message via TLS if possible, routing it to the Park-and-Pull Encryption Service if TLS is not available.

As EdgeWave has long provided secure email encryption for our customers, it is great to see Google stressing the importance of encryption for the consumer.  As more email providers provide encryption support, they are helping to make the system better as a whole, while keeping our emails safe from prying eyes.