Server Breach

Last week the Wall Street Journal was the first to report that malware intended to launch Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks was discovered on a server used to test code for

DDoS malware attempts to crash web servers by overwhelming them with an avalanche of traffic and communication requests.  These types of attacks are relatively common and incredibly bothersome, but not designed to steal data.

While no personal information was targeted, the ease with which the hacker gained access is alarming.  The server was not supposed to be connected to the Internet yet was anyway, and protected by the default password.

“Taken with recent cyber security incidents at JP Morgan Chase & Co., Home Depot and celebrities’ iPhones, the hack further underscores that large organizations haven’t yet mastered how to secure the troves of data they collect from consumers,” the Wall Street Journal said in an article.

Analysis and sharing of large amounts of data is the way business is done today.  The speed with which important decisions are made in healthcare, finance, education and manufacturing depends on the ability to aggregate information securely.

Organizations that fail to implement proper data security run the risk of interrupted business operations and inability to complete transactions, customer trust erosion and brand damage, violation of federal laws regarding information management, and exposure to litigation.

As part of a strong information security strategy, EdgeWave‘s iPrism multi-layered Web Security Suite and Threat Protection is a military-grade preemptive measure against advanced persistent threats including malware, botnets, viruses and data exfiltration attempts, customized for all sectors.