Educators know that the Internet is a double-edged sword. CIPA and other regulatory requirements obligate schools to safeguard students from inappropriate content and to protect confidential information.

EdgeWave’s comprehensive security and filtering services will provide the protection your students need and are required to have under law. Internet based threats will be safely out of their reach, and you can ensure a safe and productive learning environment no matter where students use their school-issued devices.

Prevent Compromise to Network and Critical Assets

EdgeWave gives you highly granular policy management (with anti-circumvention) and reporting – to detect and prevent anyone from attempting to hack your systems or get around them. Find out more with iPrism web security and filtering.

Protect Users & Sensitive Data

It’s not just about the people but it’s about the data. EdgeWave aggressively and accurately protects both users and their sensitive data against malicious content and data loss. Learn about ePrism email security.

Securely Store Emails and Files for Compliance and Documentation

With EdgeWave, educators can securely store and access relevant, critical and confidential data to meet regulatory retention requirements. And, serve as backup and recovery when an unplanned disruption may occur. Check out Secure Content Archiving.

Education Resources

Attacks on educational institutions continue to rise and target networks of all sizes. A comprehensive security strategy can mitigate web and email based threats.

Learn how with our free Education cyber security resources.

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