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In 2016, consumers spent $400 billion online and growing rapidly as e-commerce becomes more the norm than exception. E-commerce driven enterprises all fall under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a widely-used policy to protect credit card transactions and holders. For entertainment, media and retailers, this means incredible pressures to implement security measures, protecting consumers from web borne threats. And, targeted email attacks, such as Phishing, Ransomware, and others, have morphed the threat landscape with more vicious intent.

EdgeWave detects and stops both web threats and email phishing attacks with our easy to use, highly effective email and web filtering plus advanced threat protection solutions.

Safeguard Consumers and Confidential Data

It takes a hybrid approach to stop real time data loss – automated technology plus human analysis – for enterprises to meet PCI DSS compliance. EdgeWave is the most accurate protection for the network, employees, consumers, and their confidential data. Check out ePrism email security with DLP and encryption.

Prevent Targeted Attacks and Network Compromises

EdgeWave has highly granular policy management and reporting – to detect and prevent anyone from attempting to hack your systems or get around them. TSL, application control, and inbound/outbound internet traffic analysis are included in the EdgeWave’s robust web security solution. Find out more with iPrism web security.

Securely Archive for Compliance and Litigation Needs

For compliance and litigation requirements, the need to archive email and files has increased. EdgeWave gives enterprises an easy way to store, access and recover emails and files anytime, even during unplanned disruptions. Check out Secure Content Archiving.


A robust, effective internet and data security plan can mitigate cyber threats, protect your brand image, and help you comply with PCI requirements.

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ePrism Email Security    

ePrism Email Security Datasheet

iPrism Web Security    

iPrism Web Security Datasheet

Secure Content Archiving   

Secure Archive Datasheet

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