Federal, state and local agencies are battling network compromises and cybercrime from all fronts. To add to this, public pressures require greater access to digital data, leaving government agencies vulnerable to web and email attacks – leading to stolen credentials or data loss.

Prevent data loss and network infiltrations with EdgeWave’s advanced web and email security protection.

Stop Targeted Attacks and Compromises to Your Systems

EdgeWave has highly granular policy management (with anti-circumvention) and reporting – to detect and prevent anyone from attempting to hack your systems or get around them. Find out more about iPrism web security and filtering.

Protect Sensitive Data Today and In the Future

As data continues to go digital, agencies leave themselves exposed to new security threats. EdgeWave uses both automated technology and real-time human analysis to accurately protect sensitive data from malicious content and data loss. Learn about ePrism email security, DLP and encryption.

Safely Archive for Support Compliance and Litigation Requirements

Regulatory compliance, industry standards, and corporate governance – all require archiving critical data and communications. With EdgeWave, agencies can store, access and recover sensitive data anytime, even during unplanned disruptions. Check out Secure Content Archiving.


Web and email continue to be the #1 attack vector for cyber attacks. It’s easier for hackers to steal valuable data and disrupt networks more than ever before.

Download the datasheets to learn more.

ePrism Email Security     

ePrism Email Security Datasheet

iPrism Web Security       

iPrism Web Security Datasheet

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