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If a fire breaks out, you have to put it out.

When it comes to email security, nothing is perfect. As much as we might think otherwise, targeted phishing emails will bypass any email security gateway. And even the best-intentioned end user training program can only go so far. People click on stuff.

Powerful, intelligent email incident response is essential for organizations to mitigate this reality by automatically deleting malicious email across your entire mail store as they are identified. And, to defend against future attacks, the right email incident response provides the information around any compromise for use throughout an organization’s security infrastructure.

EdgeWave provides multiple levels of email incident response. It’s the final essential element in our mission to Deliver the World’s Safest Inboxes™. Our ThreatTest anti-phishing solution not only identifies targeted phishing threats in concert with users, it can remove them in minutes from inboxes. And our Secure Content Archiving enables IT to go back into mail stores and ensure that malicious emails, links or attachments can be removed from other inboxes as well.

Incident Response

EdgeWave Email Incident Response allows you to protect all users from identified malicious email while at the same time providing you with actionable threat intelligence to stop those attacks from spreading. Our Incident Response solutions include:

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ThreatTest Anti-Phishing

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Secure Content Archive