As more manufacturers digitize their operations, a myriad of security risks are exposed – unauthorized access to critical access, network compromise, industrial espionage – many of which start by targeting your staff with phishing emails and web attacks to steal credentials and seize proprietary data. Stop industrial data loss and operation downtime with EdgeWave’s comprehensive data security protection.

Now staff and their credentials will be safe from both web threats and email phishing with our easy to use award-winning solutions, all backed by industry-leading support technicians.

Prevent Compromise to Network and Critical Assets

With devices connecting to the Internet, manufacturing organizations need better ways to safeguard their systems. EdgeWave gives you highly granular policy management (with anti-circumvention) and reporting – to detect and prevent anyone from attempting to hack your systems or get around them. Find out more with iPrism web security.

Safely Archive Critical Data Before Anything Happens

In the event of unplanned disruptions, securely archiving your data and communications is critical and necessary. With EdgeWave, manufacturers can store, access and recover critical data anytime, even during unplanned disruptions. Check out Secure Content Archiving.

Protect Users & Sensitive Data

It’s not just about the people but it’s about the data. EdgeWave aggressively and accurately protects both users and their sensitive data against malicious content and data loss. Learn about ePrism email security.

Manufacturing Resources

Manufacturing is the #1 target of industrial espionage. It’s far easier and cheaper for a competing organization (or government) to steal your valuable intellectual property than to develop it themselves. A comprehensive internet and data security plan can mitigate cyber threats.

Learn how with our free Manufacturing cyber security resources.

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Manufacturing Cyber Security Guide

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