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Office 365 doesn’t give you 360 degree email security.

Office 365 offers a powerful suite of solutions for workplace productivity. But, Phishing, Ransomware, and other nefarious threats sneak by Office 365 defenses, which leaves you exposed and vulnerable to more advanced threats. In fact, a leading industry analyst states that 35% of Office 365 customers are looking for ways to augment the native email security provided by Microsoft.

EdgeWave Inbox Detection and Response (IDR) gives you what Office 365 can’t – advanced protection from targeted email threats like phishing and Business Email Compromise that reach your user’s inbox. Combined with its built-in, automated, remediation of malicious email, EdgeWave IDR is the next-generation of email security for Office 365.

Business Email Compromise

EdgeWave Provides the Perfect Complement to Office 365

With EdgeWave Inbox Detection and Response applying security at the Inbox level, after the traditional email security gateway, it’s important to understand the value of this next-generation approach.

Managed: 100% cloud-based, there is nothing to install or manage.

Automated: All notifications, classification and actions applied to email require zero interaction from the internal security team.

Simple: No MX record changes, 15-minute provisioning and no local install of anything

Responsive: Users are notified throughout the entire process and classification averages less than 5 minutes

Proactive: Automatically find, and remove, all copied of identified malicious email

Advanced: Unlike traditional email security gateways that require multiple samples before policy can be applied, EdgeWave IDR is updated, and protecting all customers, with only a single submission

While Office 365 offers some basic email security features, advanced threats are bypassing Microsoft’s traditional email security approach. When organizations consider a migration to Office 365, a next-generation email security solution must be included on the project list.

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  • ePrism™ Email Security Gateway
  • AV and Malware Scanning
  • Mail reputation and custom filtering rule sets


  • ThreatTest™ Anti-Phishing Solution
  • Digital fingerprinting and threat scoring
  • Combination of machine learning and human review
  • iPrism™ Web Protection of Blended Threats


  • ThreatTest global remediation
  • Alerting/reporting of phishing & malicious attacks
  • Security operation center integration

Is Office 365 Security "Good Enough"?

Recorded: April 17, 2019

Hear from industry expert, Michael Osterman of Osterman Research, as he shares his research and insights around Office 365 security capabilities and where third-party solutions should be seriously considered for supplements that will provide enhanced functionality to meet specific requirements.

Don’t wait, the next big phishing attack could be on you.

Find out how Inbox Detection and Response (IDR) can give you the peace of mind that your organization is secure, your employees are worry free, and you are using the most effective, cost efficient way to fight phishing across your endpoints.