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Office 365 offers a powerful suite of solutions for workplace productivity. No doubt. But, Phishing, Ransomware, and other nefarious threats sneak by Office 365 defenses, which leaves you exposed and vulnerable to more advanced threats.

EdgeWave gives you what Office 365 can’t – advanced email protection, continuity, and incredibly easy-to-use, secure archiving. Oh, and did we mention it’s offered as a convenient, integrated service bundle to make sure you are thoroughly protected?

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Stay Protected: Security Considerations for Your Office 365 Migration
By 2020, 50% of organizations using Office 365 will rely on non-Microsoft security tools to maintain consistent security policies across their multivendor “SaaSscape.”
Learn why you need more than Office 365 security.

What’s EdgeWave SecureUp?

Email Filtering and Security

Most accurate and powerful email filtering and security solution that stops Spam, Phishing, Ransomware and other advanced threats. Prevents sophisticated, targeted threats that Office 365 doesn’t – Phishing, Ransomware, advanced malware.


Easily back up and recover all your emails and files to secure archiving for compliance and eDiscovery. Includes email archive, journaling, stubbing, legal hold, full text search, audit trail, unlimited data storage, and more.


Keep unplanned downtime from disrupting your users’ email productivity.

Data Loss Prevention

Safeguard your outgoing data that passes via email with effective DLP services. Includes Content Matching and File Type Analysis


Ensures secure delivery of emails to customers, partners, and other persons – easy to use and deploy. Includes TLS server-to-server, Push, or Park and Pull.

Shortfalls to Office365 Security:
The Myths and The Truths

Recorded: Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Office365 is good at, well, Office365. Not security. Learn about the myths and truths about securing the Office365 environment and answer the questions you really want to know.

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