Just as all U.S. citizens are called upon to help make our airports secure, we are all responsible for contributing to keeping our cyber infrastructure secure. Record-breaking attacks on financial, healthcare and educational institutions, businesses and manufacturers seem to be occurring every week.

Why have we been so late to recognize the need for a more agile and robust cyber security posture in the private sector?

My recent active duty military experience as Commander of the US Navy’s premier Fleet Cyber Command Task Force gives me a unique perspective on the cyber fight we find ourselves in today. I know that when the enemy is driving the flow of battle, it is time for a bold and vigorous change in strategy.

At EdgeWave, we are leading that change in strategy with EPIC2, our exclusive advanced threat defense that blends sophisticated technology with human intelligence to produce the most formidable and differentiating data security capability in the industry. EdgeWave’s Military-Grade approach to Cyber operations is a winning strategy, proven against leading systems in the market place.

The EdgeWave Vulnerability Evaluation Tool™ is a methodology we use to demonstrate the efficacy of EdgeWave EPIC2 in identifying and stopping email based threats versus widely used well-known messaging security services. The methodology is simple – we send malware, phishing and virus emails caught by EPIC2 within the last 24 hours to a protected email account guarded by another security service. Results to date have been shocking – Office 365 and Google Apps were penetrated by 81% and 96% of malicious emails delivered by our Vulnerability Evaluation Tool™. Clearly, current private sector data security practices are lacking.

Millions trust their email security to well-known providers; but motivated and well financed adversaries continue to breach conventional security defenses. It only takes one person to click one bad link in one email message to launch malware that can devastate an organization…It’s time for a change in strategy

Only EdgeWave provides agile and responsive data security and threat defense. By combining expert human analysis and next generation technology, with a Military-Grade operational approach to security, EdgeWave EPIC2 advanced threat capability defends against the most sophisticated threats. We are breaking new ground in the Cyber Security Industry by providing Military-Grade protection for civilian organizations and businesses at a time when we need it most.  Reach out to us today for a free assessment of your current email security with our Vulnerability Evaluation Tool™.

Mike Walls is Managing Director, Security and Operations and Analysis at EdgeWave. While on active duty, Mike served as Commander Task Force 1030 reporting directly to the Navy’s Fleet Cyber Command, and was responsible for Cyber readiness of over 400,000 people, 300 ships, and 4,000 aircraft.