Network World ePrism Product of the WeekEdgewave is honored that the ePrism Email Security Suite v9.0 has been named a Network World Product of the Week for June 24, 2013. ePrism is unique among email security solutions in that it  provides unbeatable Enterprise-class email security at up to half the price of other email security providers due to its flexible and scalable cloud-based infrastructure.  With ePrism 9.0, managing email security is now faster and easier for even the largest companies.

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With potentially many thousands of email objects and multiple layers of configuration options, email security can become very challenging to manage and maintain. ePrism v9.0 is EdgeWave’s innovative response to this challenge and continues the company’s commitment to providing the most accurate email security solution on the market, while dramatically reducing the amount of administration time required to manage it.

Designed for organizations of all sizes and infinite in scalability, the ePrism Email Security Suite delivers next-generation cloud-based email security that defends against emerging threats, protects against data loss and helps fulfill regulatory compliance, often at a substantial savings to other cloud-based email security providers.

New features in ePrism Email Security v9.0 include:

  • Configurable Homepage Administration Dashboard: ePrism v9.0’s dashboard delivers a set of configurable tiles that allow you to define exactly the information you need at a glance
  • Enhanced Search Capability: Quickly search thousands of email objects to find the exact one you need in just 3 keystrokes with ePrism’s enhanced search function
  • Streamlined Navigation: Get where you need to go quickly and easily with ePrism v9.0’s dramatically simplified navigation
  • Reporting Enhancements: New detailed, and interactive, charts and graphs give you unrivalled visibility into your entire email infrastructure allowing you to drill-down to the exact data you need
  • More efficient menu: Items are reduced and reorganized to better reflect how email security administrators perform daily tasks
  • Items at your fingertips: Special attention was given to making it easier to not only find your final destination, but to easily navigate within the ePrism hierarchy

Learn more about ePrism v9.0 here.

*image courtesy of Network World