EdgeWave just announced ePrism Email Security Suite v8.4 and it includes new features designed to make IT and users’ lives a little easier.

New TLS Encryption Optioneprism components
The new Encryption option makes encrypting private data leaving your organization even easier and is particularly useful for highly regulated industries such as Healthcare and Finance, where protecting outgoing data is critical to maintaining regulatory compliance.  The new TLS Encryption option lets IT configure ePrism to automatically encrypt messages per domain when the domain supports TLS.  This option is transparent to end-users and involves less hassle than park-and-pull technology, which requires them to login to a secure portal and retrieve the encrypted messages. Park-and-pull technology will be used when TLS is not supported by the recipient.

Comprehensive System Notifications
ePrism 8.4 also includes a new robust system notifications feature that makes life easier for IT adminstrators by allowing them to configure how and when they will receive important notifications about their email processes. Whether you are keeping tabs on the network via your laptop, tablet or smartphone, ePrism keeps you ahead of any problems.  There are hundreds of different use cases for the new notification system such as:

  •     Notifications that help you detect phishing exploits
  •     Notifications that help you manage bandwidth usage
  •     Early-warning messages for events like email server problems
  •     Many more…

Automatically Enabled Continuity
The last new benefit to IT Administrators is that now ePrism Continuity – which keeps your email up and running in case of planned or unplanned outages –  can be enabled automatically based on your requirements.  You can configure it to trigger after your email server has been down a certain amount of time and also set system notifications to let you know.

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