Recent high profile hacking incidents, such as the latest on the New York Times, further illustrate the need for advanced internet security being needed at not only high profile organizations and media outlets, but to small and medium businesses as well.  Email continues to be one of the top vectors used by online criminals to gain access into an organization (or by a disgruntled employee sending out data).  In fact, according to the APWG, phishing attacks are shifting to more advanced and targeted techniques for credential theft including malware and stealthier spear phishing.

As hackers and online criminals continue to evolve their attack techniques, email security can be very challenging to manage and maintain. To battle this shift in attacks, the recently released ePrism v9.0 is EdgeWave’s innovative response to this challenge.  ePrism v9.0 provides the most accurate email security and usability in the market.

Designed for organizations of all sizes and infinite in scaling, the ePrism Email Security Suite delivers next-generation cloud-based email security that defends against emerging threats, stops phishing attacks, protects against data loss and helps fulfill regulatory compliance, often at a substantial savings to other cloud-based email security providers.

There are many ways to defend against hacking, but making sure that your email security is properly enforced will keep you one step closer from being the next victim of a hacking incident.