TopTenReviewsLogo3EdgeWave just received a great review and ranking from TopTen Reviews!

According to the review, “EdgeWave’s ePrism Email Security is one of the best solutions for those who have strict compliance requirements who do not want to entrust users with encryption decisions. Encryption requires no effort on the sender’s part, and recipients can view their secure emails regardless of the email client or device they use. This software includes powerful DLP tools and preconfigured word sets for filtering content. In addition, it includes archiving and reporting tools to handle audits. If security is critical to your company’s operations, EdgeWave is an excellent candidate to secure your email transmissions.”

Regulatory legislation, legal requirements and your organization’s internal policies make secure email delivery more important than ever. ePrism Email Encryption Service provides a cost-effective solution that protects your organization from financial fines, brand reputation damage and other negative consequences that can occur when unsecured proprietary or sensitive email leaves your organization.  Click here to learn more about ePrism and check out the entire TopTen Review.