ePrism Technical Documentation

This page provides the latest available documentation for the ePrism Hosted and Managed Email Security Solutions. For information on ePrism Enterprise appliances M500, M1000, M2000 and M3000, please click here.

If you cannot locate the resource you need, or if you require personal assistance, please contact EdgeWave Support.

Quick Start Guides

ePrism Email Security PDF

Upgrade Guides

Upgrading System Memory PDF

Getting Started Guides<br>(Managed Appliances)

ePrism 2505 PDF

ePrism 3005 PDF

ePrism 4005 PDF

User Guides

Personal Dashboard
Online Knowledgebase

Personal Dashboard FAQ PDF

Personal Dashboard FAQ Light PDF

Release Notes

V11.3 – Nov/Dec 2018 PDF

V11.2.1 – September 2018 PDF

V11.2 – June 2018 PDF

V11.1.1 – March 2018 PDF

V11.1 – January 2018 PDF

V11.0 – September 2017 PDF

V10.5.2 – June 2017 PDF

V10.5.1 – May 2017 PDF

V10.5 – March 2017 PDF

V10.4.1 – November 2016 PDF

V10.4 – September 2016 PDF

V10.3 – June 2016 PDF

V10.2 – January 2016 PDF

V10.1 – October 2015 PDF

V10.0 – April 2015 PDF

Administration Guides

System Administrator
Online Knowledgebase

Account Administrator
Online Knowledgebase

MAG Appliance Branding PDF

Syslog Server Configurations PDF

Developer Guides

Provisioning API
Online Knowledgebase

Verifier XML Syntax PDF

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