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This page provides the latest available documentation for the iPrism Web Security product. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, you may also try searching our online Knowledgebase.

If you cannot locate the resource you need, or if you require personal assistance, please contact EdgeWave Support.

Quick Start Guides

iPrism V8.x PDF

Upgrade Guides

iPrism v8.100 to v8.102 Software Upgrade PDF

iPrism v8.001 to v8.100 Software Upgrade PDF

iPrism v8.x Software Upgrade PDF

iPrism H-Series Software Upgrade
• v7.11x to v8.100 PDF

iPrism V8.001 for 15H PDF

iPrism V8.001 for 35H PDF

iPrism V8.001 for 55H PDF

iPrism V8.001 for 105H PDF

iPrism V8.001 for 500H PDF

Hardware Guides

iPrism V8.0 PDF

iPrism h-Series
• V6.520 PDF
• V6.5, V6.4xx, V6.3, V6.2xx PDF


Evaluation Guides

iPrism V7.1 PDF

iPrism V7.0 PDF

iPrism V6.4x PDF

Remote Filtering Client Guides

iPrism V6.5xx, V6.410 PDF

Release Notes

iPrism V8.102 – September 2017 PDF

iPrism V8.1 – January 2017 PDF

iPrism V8.001 – June 2015 PDF

iPrism V8.0 – April 2015 PDF

iPrism V7.111 – March 2014 PDF

iPrism V7.160 – November 2013 PDF

iPrism V7.150 – July 2013 PDF

iPrism V7.11 – October 2012 PDF

iPrism V7.1 – July 2012 PDF

iPrism ERS V1.6 – June 2012 PDF

iPrism V7.0 – March 2012 PDF

iPrism V6.5x-SP1 – May 2011 PDF

iPrism V6.5 – February 2011 PDF

iPrism V6.410 – September 2010 PDF

iPrism V6.402 – March 2010 PDF

iPrism V6.4 – November 2009 PDF

Reporting Guides

iPrism V8.1 PDF

iPrism V8.0 PDF

iPrism V7.0 PDF

iPrism V6.5 PDF

iPrism V6.410 PDF

iPrism V6.4 PDF

Administration Guides

iPrism V8.1 PDF

iPrism V8.0 PDF

iPrism V7.1xx PDF

iPrism V7.0 PDF

iPrism V6.5 PDF

iPrism V6.410 PDF

iPrism V6.4 PDF

Installation Guides

iPrism V8.0 PDF

iPrism V6.520 PDF

iPrism V6.420 PDF

iPrism V6.4xx
• Installation PDF
• Active Directory 2008 PDF

Installation Resources

Installing iPrism in a Rack Guide PDF

How do I add Subnet Static Routes for Bridge mode? PDF

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* iPrism customers are required to use their Procare 24x7 number if they have purchased that entitlement for after business hours support. Otherwise iPrism support requests will be responded to the next business day.

Severity Levels

Severity 1: Business is severely impacted, and no viable workaround is available.
Severity 2: Business is disrupted but functioning.
Non-Critical: Business is not affected but symptoms exist or requests for information or guidance.

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