Web Threat Update 

EdgeWave EPIC cyber analysts rated 32,167 websites this week. Two websites in particular are very concerning.  First, a prom dress website, fittedpromdress[.]com, has the HTML:Scrip-inf Trojan.  This Trojan executes a series of commands that collects data from a visitor. Some of the data collected could pertain to their system setting, software versions and configuration, and other items that an attacker can then analyze for a future attack on the individual.  What is most concerning about this threat, is that the targeted demographic is most likely teenage females.

The second site identified as malicious was universalaccountants[.]com. This site is a legitimate accounting service, however the webpage contains the HTML:HideMe-F [Trj] Trojan.  This virus attempts to modify system settings without permission, and can make changes to the user’s registry.  It has been used in the past to steal login credentials and other personal information.

Both of these sites are very dangerous and should NOT be visited. As a second layer of assurance, both sites have been blocked and placed in our malware category.

Email Threat Update

EdgeWave EPIC cyber analysts identified a particularly malicious email campaign targeting the Agriculture and Telecommunications sectors.

Organizations in these sectors were targeted with spam emails, attempting to get the recipient to click on a links associated with online college degree program. All of the emails originated from the top level domain positivelyimpactful[.]org which was created on April 13, 2015.  Scans of the site did not reveal the presence of malware; however the site is still new, so it is possible that malware has yet to be uploaded.  The craftsmanship of the spam demonstrates the use of clickable images rather than text in the email.


This site is likely a reconnaissance and collection scam.  Individuals will use the information to sell to other spammers for specific targeting of top-level management of a targeted company in the Agriculture and Telecommunication sectors.

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