This weeks update focuses on two campaigns that our iGuard team spotted. One revolves around gambling websites likely due to the March Madness tournament. The other campaign involved emulating legitimate websites. Throughout the week, our analysts rated more than 30,000. Roughly 25% of the website requests came directly from our customers.

We found almost 1000 new websites, which 500 contained gambling content and 400 were sports-based.  This increase is likely tied to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, better known as March Madness. With roughly 1000 new websites created, mixed with the March Madness craze, it is good to know what your employees are looking at online. The tournament craze will only grow stronger, lessening the amount of productivity, as the tournament grows closer to the Final Four and Championship game.

From the Malware side, we are finding more sites that seek to emulate legitimate sites.  These URLs include Hartford Financial and Sun Trust Banks.  Typically these links are used in emails to deceive the recipients.  Other typical scam sites look for misspellings or other common typing errors, like one site we found for gmaili[.]com. Just to be safe, we advise to manually type in URL’s as opposed to clicking on them.


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