This week, ePrism blocked over 571,000,000 spam messages.  The largest campaign stopped by our human review team originated in Estonia and used .us top level domains.  With over 9,500,000 blocks, the campaign used adult themes and all linked back to malicious URLs ending in 4di[.]es.  Campaigns of this nature are common.   The nature of the message usually provides a giveaway.  However other campaigns use better tactics.

We found a smaller but well-crafted campaign aimed at Google docs users.  The image below demonstrates a phishing attempts specifically designed to fool not only the recipients, but also standard email filtering services.  The only item that would give an indication of the phishing was the link.  Looking explicitly at URL link, our analysts were able to determine the sites validity.  Hackers are using other document sharing and productivity sites as a template for crafting phishing emails.  Always be careful of clicking any link in an email.  The best bet is to go to the site yourself and find the materials needed.


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