The Tech & Telecom sectors are critical to our nation’s economy, and the EdgeWave EPIC team is committed to ensure they remain productive and safe from cyber attack.   Last month, EdgeWave EPIC analysts detected and stopped a significant campaign targeting the identities of key executives and decision makers in these sectors.  Comprised of more than 250,000 articles of spam, this campaign targeted companies with emails directing the user to click on a link to www.linkserv[.]co.  The emails were sent from servers in Russia, the Netherlands, and Los Angeles.  Although analysis of the site did not reveal the presence of malware, the site is still active and poses a threat to anyone who clicks on email link.

The craftsmanship of the spam displayed a strong attention to detail, increasing the perception that the spam is a trustworthy email from a reputable company. The email offered membership in a “Who’s Who” of executives and professionals.  Depiction below:


In conclusion, this site is likely a reconnaissance and collection scam. This is uniquely dangerous because the site will use your information to sell to spammers, hackers and other nefarious actors, increasing your chance of becoming a target for cyber criminals.  As always, be careful where you enter your personal and professional information, and only trust established, reputable sites.

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