Last week our iGuard team focused on malware sites using ‘.us’ domains. It is not uncommon for legitimate sites to use .us because it conveys a sense of trust, versus domains based outside of the US. This same technique is used in emails as well. This week, ePrism stopped 2 million emails in a single campaign, all stemming from domains that used ‘.us’ in the address.

Much of the spam was easily identified by our iGuard team, as the majority of the emails were advertising for “containers that won’t lose their lids.” Another campaign our analysts caught was directing Intuit users to change their passwords. Recall that Intuit is a part of TurboTax, and with tax deadline just days away, hackers are pulling out all the stops to get your information. Luckily our iGuard team stopped 64,000 emails from reaching our customer’s inbox.

In total, this past week our iGuard team wrote over 1,300 new rules and stopped 471 million spam emails from reaching EdgeWave customers.