Social_BubblesJust announced this morning, four charter schools in Escondido were shut down today after police said they discovered a threat on social media.  It is undeniable, social media has become a major influence in every aspect of our lives – especially with our children and within academic institutions and schools.

Social media can have a very positive impact, however, in an instance such as this, social media can be used as a tool to issue threats and present risk. It’s a very dangerous line to cross and one that schools are becoming forced to deal with.  Schools are beginning to create effective acceptable use policy that will educate their students on what is appropriate and inappropriate use.

EdgeWave has created a tool, EdgeWave Social, that can be used to support acceptable use policies and can be used to stop behaviors that can hurt the schools and its students. The technology helps to block:

  • Racially discriminatory or sexually harassing content
  • Threats of violence, self–harm or online predators
  • Embarrassing statements could harm a school’s reputation

Without tools and acceptable use policies in place to protect students and schools against social media threats, it’s unfortunate, but we can expect to see similar stories in the future.  Stay safe online, be smart with what you post and remember that education to your students and staff is key.