The recent Sony Pictures hack resulted in a shutdown of the network, the theft of four upcoming films and nearly 27-gigabytes of files stolen from the company and posted online.  What were the hackers’ motivations, and what can we learn from this breach to stay cyber secure?

“These things aren’t measurable” … “But this will damage Sony greatly” — The LA Times 12/5/14

“These guys didn’t make any demands, they didn’t want money. They just wanted to watch the world burn.” — USA Today 12/6/14

We have just seen a serious reminder of how challenging information security is, and even very large companies can fail to get it right.” — Union Tribune 12/3/14

More Online Attacks Lurking  — Union Tribune 12/3/14

“My educated guess would be that someone was targeted with a spear phishing e-mail, which granted access to a system.”  — InfoRiskSecurity 12/5/14

If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles.” — eWeek News 12/7/14

NY Radio AM 970 — The Cats Roundtable interviewed me about Sony and cyber-warfare, below is a link to my podcast interview. 12/7/14